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Can you just show up and register on site? 

Yes!  There is a registration table in the central courtyard to take payment.  Please bring a check though we can handle credit cards.  Parents and guardians must also complete a release form before the child can be registered.  Its much easier on you to pre-register and pick up your packet on Friday afternoon before the race as well.  

How competitive is it? Will little and/or shy kids feel scared?

Not to worry!  The entire event is all about encouraging kids to experience a triathlon in a safe and encouraging atmosphere.  The many volunteers and crowd cheer on all kids and applaud their participation.  We  hope to encourage kids to jump in, learn courage and fortitude and that they can do it.  It helps to point them in a direction of fitness, sports and setting goals.   Most of our participants are on the young side and many as young as four years old. It a happy, festival like atmosphere.   Each child receive a medal to congratulate them on trying and yet we also provide reward for the competitors looking to win.  Trophies are awarded for the top three finishers in each age group for each sex. 

My child is quite young and not a strong swimmer.  Can they use floats?

Yes- children up to the age 6  and below use arm floats, a kickboard or any aid that helps them to complete the swim.   The goal is to help these young ones complete all the course successfully.

Can I help my child transition from swimming to biking etc.?

Yes, children age 6 and under may have ONE parent assist them in the transition.  

How is it timed and run?

The event is professionally staged and managed by an organization that runs triathlons.  The bib that needs to be pinned firmly to each child's t shirt contains a chip that is read during run and bike.  The swim obviously cannot have the chip in the water.  The swim leg is professionally run and timed by our Sponsor and partner organization Orinda Aquatics.  They coordinate with the triathlon firm to ensure this leg is incorporated accurately into the child's time

What supplies and gear should we bring?

Each child must have their own bike and must wear a bike helmet.  Try to get the bike 'tuned up' before the event at a local bike shop.  They will need proper shoes to run, goggles and swim  cap if desired for the swim leg, towel to dry off, sunscreen, water and snack afterward.  The course will have water along the way and water bottles at the finish line, typically with a supply of fresh fruit donated.  Water and fruit is for triathletes only.  

Are there awards?   Do I need to stay to receive a trophy?

All athletes receive a medal at the finish line to congratulate them for their courage and persistence.  The top three times by age group, and by sex, are awarded a trophy.  The trophy  awards are presented after the last athlete finishes and the event manager can finish, check and communicate the times. Any anomalies require resolution, decision and communication so there may be a short delay.  You must remain to receive your trophy.  

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